About TeddyID

We at TeddyID think of "familiar" as not necessarily "the best" or "the only possible." That's why we design products that create better alternatives to outdated habits.

  • We believe passwords are good for machines but not for people. That's why we created TeddyID with the goal of getting rid of these nonsense characters and digits and making the web more human.
  • We believe each user needs just one ID to manage his data across all Internet sites. That's another reason we built TeddyID: it's a single sign-on system that people use to manage their own information, share it with other users, and manage other user's accounts within their enterprise.
  • We believe individuals and companies are born equal. That's why companies in TeddyID share the same ID space with individuals, have the same privileges, and use the same tools as individuals.
  • We believe the Internet empowers individuals and companies to organize their lives and business activities. That's why we are building the Matrix: a reflection of existing connections among real individuals and companies, a venue where users see and control all their commercial relationships with other users.