Terms of Use


Matrix Platform LLC, hereinafter referred to as Company Matrix , on the one hand, and you as a natural person, hereinafter referred to as User , concluded the following Agreement:

1. Definitions

Organization of the User - the organization that User acts on behalf of. If User is acting on his own behalf as an individual, then Organization of the User is the same as User himself. If the User is acting on behalf of an organization (eg company), which has an employment, agency, trust or other agreement with the User then this organization is Organization of the User. Organization of the User may include no more than one natural person or several legal persons. In relation to the User who is a party to this agreement, the term is used as Organization of the User , and for all Users who have entered the same or a similar agreement with Company Matrix - as Organization .

Legal Entity - Natural or legal person managed by Organization.

Contract - A bilateral agreement between two parties.

Matrix - Hardware and software operated by Company Matrix for the purpose of (among other things) providing services to Users under this Agreement. Matrix includes (among other things) a database and websites www.TeddyID.com and www.billinger.ru. Matrix database contains (among other things) information about Users, Organizations, Legal Entities, Contracts, Modules and connections among them.

Module - Hardware and software, owned by one of the Organizations that allows other Organizations - customers of this Organization - to use its services in conjuction with information about the Organizations, Users and their relationships stored in Matrix, and other services of Company Matrix. Organization that owns a Module concludes with Company Matrix a special agreement under which the Organization receives the right (among others) to create new accounts of Organizations and Users provided that it receives their consent.

User's Mobile Device - Phone, tablet or other mobile device that User uses to confirm his logins to sites and other his actions with TeddyID application installed on the device and/or with SMS messages.

User's Computer - Any computing device (including laptop, tablet, phone) equipped with browser-based software (such as the web browser Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and others, including components built with the functionality of the browser) that User uses to access Matrix sites and Provider Sites.

Provider Site - Any site that allows Users to authenticate to the provider's site via the User's account in Matrix.

2. Subject of the contract

2.1. Company Matrix provides users the ability to control information about themselves, about Organization of the User, about contractual and other relations of User with other Organizations to authenticate to Provider Sites, while User agrees to correctly reflect in Matrix information about himself, his Organization, and relationships of Organization of the User with other Organizations.

3. Guarantees

3.1. If User acts on behalf of an Organization of the User then while using any services of Matrix, or accepting this offer, User warrants that he is duly authorized by the Organization of the User to execute the corresponding actions.

4. The rights and obligations of the parties

4.1. User undertakes:

4.1.1. Exclude any unauthorized access to User's Computers and Mobile Devices (computer, phone, tablet, etc.) that are used to access Matrix and confirm the User's access to Matrix.

4.1.2. Keep in secret User's password, not to pass it on to colleagues and even employees of Company Matrix.

4.1.3. In case password is compromised, change it immediately.

4.1.4. In case of loss or theft of at least one User's Computer or Mobile Device, immediately unlink it from User's account using the corresponding functions of Matrix site www.TeddyID.com.

4.1.5. Keep in working condition software and hardware (Computers and Mobile Devices), which are used for access Matrix; take organizational measures to prevent unauthorized access to them; prevent installation of malware and spyware (viruses, trojans, keyloggers, etc.) on devices that are used to access Matrix.

4.1.6. Access Matrix sites with a browser with enabled javascript and cookies.

4.1.7. Keep current information about himself, and also as allowed by User's access rights, about his Organizations, Legal Entities, Contracts, other Users and Organizations.

4.1.8. Create new User and Organization accounts on Matrix site www.TeddyID.com only if the corresponding real-world users and organizations exist. Timely disable access of his colleagues in case of termination of their powers within Organization of the User.

4.1.9. Create new Contracts, extend existing Contracts with new contract subjects, through Matrix sites and Modules only if the corresponding real-world contracts and/or contract subjects exist, and only when they accurately reflect actual terms of those Contracts.

4.1.10. In case Contracts of the Organization of the User are not accurately reflected in Matrix, fix the information in Matrix immediately or contact the contractor for correction.

4.2. Company Matrix must:

4.2.1. Maintain the availability of its sites and integrity and confidentiality of the Matrix database.

4.2.2. Allow access to Matrix database elements only to those Organizations that are related to the corresponding elements, and to those Users of the Organization for which the appropriate rights are set by their supervisor or colleague.

4.2.3. Provide authentication of User for access to Matrix sites and Provider Sites.

4.3. Company Matrix has the right to:

4.3.1. Temporarily disable User account in case automated means of Matrix detect an attempt to gain unauthorized access to User account.

5. Responsibility of the parties

5.1. Company Matrix is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages, any loss of profit, resulting from loss by User or his colleagues of confidentiality of his password, unauthorized access to User's Computer or Mobile Device or any other breach of this Agreement, as well as interruption of Matrix service, incorrect operation of Matrix and inability to use the service.

5.2. For any failure to fulfill their obligations the parties shall be responsible according to the legislation of Russian Federation.

6. Privacy

6.1. Company Matrix processes personal data of User according to privacy policy, which are an integral part of this Agreement.

7. Dispute Resolution

7.1. Pre-trial settlement of disputes arising out of this Agreement is obligatory. The Parties establish deadline for consideration of claims received from the other party and answering the claim - thirty (30) calendar days from date of receipt of the claim. If no agreement is reached on the consideration of claims, including the violation or the term specified in this paragraph, all disputes, controversies and claims arising out of this Agreement or in connection with it, including those related to its conclusion, change, performance, breach, termination, the nullity shall be settled by Arbitration Court of Moscow.

7.2. Parties have agreed that their relations arising out of this Agreement shall be governed by law of Russian Federation.

8. Procedure for conclusion and termination of the Agreement

8.1. This Agreement pursuant to paragraph 1 of Art. 428 of the Civil Code of Russian Federation is a contract of adhesion. User enters into this agreement by accepting it as a whole.

8.2. This Agreement is a public offer pursuant to paragraph 2 of Article 437 of the Civil Code of Russian Federation from Company Matrix to any individual who expresses willingness to accept the terms of this Agreement (offer). Public offer, expressed in this Agreement shall enter into force on the date it is available on the Internet, and is valid until Company Matrix revokes the offer.

8.3. Accession to this contract (acceptance) is carried out using one of the following ways:

8.3.1. (self-registration) User registration at one of the sites by installing the Matrix application TeddyID on User's Mobile Device (eg mobile phone, tablet), scanning a QR-code on the site www.TeddyID.com or Provider Site and confirming User's email address to which User has access to. Registration may include additional steps.

8.3.2. (registration by colleague or supervisor) Adding a user account on the site www.TeddyID.com by User's manager or other User's colleagues followed by User accessing Matrix site www.TeddyID.com or Provider Site using login and password or other access details sent to User's email address at the time the account was added. Moment of acceptance is the moment of the first entry with the specified User ID and password or other access details sent to User's email address.

8.3.3. (registration in Module) adding user account by a Module. By providing his data to a Module for the purpose of creating User account, User accepts this offer on condition that his account is created by the Module. If the Module does not inform the user of the terms of this agreement, the moment of acceptance is the moment that user accesses Provider Site or any of Matrix sites using login and password or other access details sent to User's email address at the moment of adding User account.

8.3.4. User registration in Matrix at www.TeddyID.com or Provider Site by any other method available at the time of registration.

8.4. This Agreement is concluded for an indefinite period.

8.5. The user has the right at any time unilaterally without recourse to the courts to abandon this Agreement by discontinuing using Matrix sites and leaving Organization of the User or by terminating all Contracts that are maintained in Matrix in which the User's Organization is one of the parties, and repaying all outstanding debt according to those Contracts.

8.6. Company Matrix has the right at any time, unilaterally and without recourse to the courts to abandon this Agreement by notifying User on Matrix sites. Moment of notification is the moment of posting the notification on one of Matrix sites.

8.7. Termination of this agreement does not relieve User from performing his obligations arising prior to date of termination of this contract, and no excuse for any failure or inadequate performance.

9. Changing the terms of the Agreement

9.1. The terms can be amended unilaterally ​​by Company Matrix.

9.2. User is notified about Amendments (addenda) to this agreement by Company Matrix placing new edition of these terms online at https://www.TeddyID.com .

9.3. All changes (additions) made ​​by Company Matrix to this agreement shall enter into force and become binding for User from the date of notification.

9.4. Date of notification of the User about a change (addition) to these terms will be the date of posting a new version of the Agreement on Matrix site https://www.TeddyID.com .

9.5. Any changes (additions) of this Agreement apply equally to all Users.

9.6. In case of disagreement with the new wording of the Agreement user is obliged to withdraw from this Agreement under 8.5. Continued use of Matrix services means the acceptance of the new edition of the Agreement.

10. Additional Terms

10.1. All changes (additions) of this contract, furnished according to the contract, are an integral part thereof.

11. Details of Company Matrix

Full name

Matrix Platform LLC





Legal address

105005, Moscow, Ladozhskaya st., 7a

Office address

125009, Moscow, Tverskaya st., 9 building 7

Banking details

acc. 40702810100120002130 in OAO Bank of Moscow, BIC 044525219


+7 (495) 504 7998, +7 (495) 641 2156

Internet address