Frequently asked questions

What phones does TeddyID support?

TeddyID is available for all modern smartphones: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and most feature phones. If your phone was manufactured after 2006 and it is not among the cheapest "calls-only" phones, then you probably can use TeddyID.

How do I install TeddyID?

Follow the instructions on the login screen. If you use iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or BlackBerry, the fastest way to install TeddyID is to find it in your app store (Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, or BlackBerry World), search for the keyword "TeddyID" or "Teddy ID". For all other phones, we will text a link to your phone. Open the link to install the Java app. While installing the Java app, the phone might warn you that the app is not signed; just agree to proceed.

I have a feature phone, but TeddyID installation fails

The reason can be as simple as your Internet connection not working. To check it, please try opening any site from your phone's web browser. If you really don't have a working Internet connection, the reasons could be: no data included in your plan, no appropriate Internet settings on your phone (most operators allow you to request them from their websites), or you are currently in an area with an unstable Internet connection.

How much will it cost me?

We don't charge you for installing or using TeddyID app. The app does use the Internet connection on your phone, which can incur charges depending on your plan; however, the amount of data used is quite small (usually less than 0.5 Kbytes per connection). If you install our password manager as a browser extension, it is $0.99 one time fee after 30 day free trial.

If using TeddyID Password Manager, how can I view saved passwords?

You usually don't need to view saved passwords as they are filled in automatically for you. However, if you ever need to see a saved password, you can do it: log in to your control panel at, find the site you saved your password for (filter by site name if the list is too long), click the edit icon, then click the "show password" link, and confirm the operation on your phone.

I get logged in to other sites without confirmation on my phone, why?

You are logged into your TeddyID account, probably in another tab of your browser. If you don't share your computer with anybody, you'll find it convenient to log into once and not have to touch your phone to log in to other sites. Even if somebody steals your laptop and opens it in another location, you will be automatically logged off because your laptop's IP address has changed. If you want to confirm each login on your phone, you can log off manually or manage per-site settings in your control panel at

I lost my phone. What should I do?

If you've lost the phone that you use to confirm site logins, there is no immediate threat to your data because access requires more than just having your phone; one of your computers or access to your email is also needed. However if your phone is lost or stolen, we recommend that you unpair the phone from your account as soon as possible. To do so, please log in to (below, see how to log in without a phone), open the "Me" page, then "My phone" tab. You will see the name of the phone currently paired to your account. Click the "unpair this phone from your account" link.

How do I log in without my phone?

If you've lost your phone, left it at home, or its battery is dead, you can still log in to with your password. The password was sent via email immediately after your first login to If you've already lost this password (as often happens with passwords), you can restore access. You will need your login and email or other information that identifies you.

I changed the SIM card on my phone. Will TeddyID still work?

If you have a smartphone, yes, TeddyID will continue working because it identifies your device, not your SIM card. TeddyID can even work on devices without a SIM card, such as iPod Touch. If your phone is not a smartphone and you've changed your mobile number, you will need to pair your phone to your account again, as we send SMS to your number.

I got a new phone. How do I continue using TeddyID?

You need to pair your new phone to your account. To do so, please start logging in as usual, a confirmation request will be sent to your old phone that you no longer use. Wait 10 seconds, you'll see a link to pair a new phone, click it, scan QR code with TeddyID app on the new phone, confirm pairing by clicking the link we sent to your email, and you're done.

You said you sent a code to my email, but I haven't received it

Please check your junk mail folder first. If you collect email from several email addresses by periodically checking for new email, the message can be delayed for the polling interval that your email provider uses.

I try to log in with my password, but I receive error messages

You are probably entering the wrong login or password. Use our access restore form. After you restore access, install TeddyID on your phone and pair it to your account. You won't need a password again.

I try to login with my password but receive a message that my account is blocked

You probably entered a wrong password several times in a row. Don't try to guess it. After some time, your account will unblock, and then you'll be able to enter the correct password. Or use our access restore form. After you restore access, install TeddyID app on your phone and pair it to your account. You won't have password issues again.

When I try to log in, I get a message that login is not permitted

If you log in as an employee (your login looks like company_name/user_name), this means that your employer has disabled your login.